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"The First Days of a Better Nation": Technology and Activism in Cory Doctorow's Writing for Young Adults (Anika Ullmann)


It has been hinted at before that Cory Doctorow’s work constitutes a strong correlation between activism, literature and authorship. In her article Anika Ullmann examines similarities between science-fiction writing and activism with a particular focus on the depiction of technology in Doctorow's Little Brother (2008), For The Win (2010), Pirate Cinema (2012), Homeland (2013) and Lawful Interception (2013). She comes to the conclusion that Doctorow’s novels - unlike many current academic discussions - do not engage in an overall evaluation of whether children’s and teenagers’ contact with technology should be encouraged. Technology in these novels is a given in modern society, as are gaming and the internet. To a certain extent, the novels romanticize hacking and activism and the communities they inspire. Still, the main characters’ problems with technology are at times very basic and the ‘dangers of the internet’ are not occluded.

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