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“Book Dog and Astrid Lindgren“: A Project to Promote Reading (Helene Ehriander)


The project “Book Dog and Astrid Lindgren” at Linnaeus University, Sweden, aims to bring children together with literature and to use dogs as a tool for this. The project seeks to arouse a desire to read by making it appealing, and to spread knowledge about children’s literature in general and Astrid Lindgren’s works in particular. It is geared towards children with difficulties in reading, writing, and speech, children with low motivation for reading, children who already find it fun to read and who are prepared to read more, and adults who are in contact with these children. The method involves the children reading aloud to a dog that makes no demands or judgements. The dog has a calming effect in a situation that is stressful for many children. The project is run in collaboration with the Swedish dyslexia association Dyslexiförbundet, the Hundsam association, and schools and libraries, primarily focusing on children aged between 6 and 13.

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